Complaint Form Instruction
  • Please fill in all required data below.
  • Fields marked with ( * ) are mandatory fields.
  • "Vehicle Owner Name" is the name of the vehicle owner mentioned on the vehicle license.
  • "Contact Person Name" and other contact information are of the person who should be contacted for any communication regarding this case whether he is the owner or not.
  • "Vehicle VIN" is the Chassis number mentioned on the vehicle license and also can be found below the windshield of your vehicle and can be seen from outside the vehicle.
  • "Vehicle Plate Number" is the registration number mentioned on the vehicle license.
  • "Concerned Dealer Name" &"Concerned Service Center" data defines the service center that is involved in the submitted case, If more than one service center is involved in the case. please clarify in the complaint field.
  • "Service Advisor/Contact Person at Dealer" is the person you contacted during your visit to the service center regarding the submitted case.
  • "Customer Concern" field is a free text field to write down in details your experience with the service center so that we can resolve any conflict that may had occurred.
  • Please try to write down any past visits to the service center that may be related to your concern in historical order, also please try to write down the date & Kilometer of each visit.
  • You can attach images and files up to 4 files of the following formats: gif, jpg, pdf, xls, doc.
  • You may use this to handwrite your concern, scan it and attach it to the case instead of typing inside the form, also you may attach any documents or images that may assist in resolving the case.
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